39 children sing medical songs to frontline medical personnel

The medical staff who are fighting the front lines of the COVID-19 all around the world unselfishly. In honor of the medical staff, Kuo Po, a Singaporean musician, created a song with the help of 39 artists aged between 5 and 15.

This song is intended for all medical staff who are fighting against COVID-19. Kuo Po believes that music can be a great relief in times of darkness.

He wrote the song three days before the group split with 39 students for filming. Academie of Stars School which accepts children over the age of 3 Say Actor Offerings are offered on dance programs.

Kuo Po, the CEO of the school, said: “It is impossible to live in this situation. I also feel that school is important to do something for myself in order to fight this disease. Making music is my life. The same goes for the kids at the school, Academie of Stars, who are crazy about music. This Music Video is a tribute to and to those who struggle with the unseen threats ahead. Our students I’m so pleased with the support of my parents. ”

“Everyone everywhere is talking about COVID-19, which will make us very sick.” I was scared because we couldn’t see. But when teacher Kuo Po asked us to join this music video, I was thrilled. The song is full of courage, fighting off the virus, I hope you will bless all the children. “