Learn about the shortlist of nominees for Myanmar’s Pride Awards 2019

There is an English saying that a picture is more effective than a thousand words. No one can say this is wrong. Half of the human brain is carrying information about the image and has the ability to visualize what it sees in 13 milliseconds. As a result, visual arts play an important role for people and play an important role in communicating with one another.

In addition, visual arts can be used as a vital aid to education, as well as environmental, social, and environmental education. To get people’s attention, such as poverty reduction; It can also be used as a platform to communicate issues that need action. In addition, photography as a visual arts plays an important role in documenting a history. From a photograph from a photograph, the social environment, Learn more about what happened in our lifestyle.

Myanmar is also striving to identify the leaders of the visual arts sector, which are important to the community in Myanmar. Last November, the nominees announced the nominations. The judging panel for the art and photography category was selected by four people. The people on the shortlist are Aung Pya Soe Soe; Kyaw Kyaw Win Enlightenment. It was Wunna.

Aung Pya Soe (A01)
Aung Pyae Soe was nominated for the Hasselblad Masters Prize for the World’s Highest Photo Award in 2009 for two consecutive years before reaching the final level in 2009 and in 2010. He is also a photographer of National Geographic and has recorded his Yangon Exhibition Sales record in recent successes. He has also won 25 international awards for his work, and was awarded the 2014 American Photographic Society’s Silver Award in Travel Photography category. His photos have been used in international magazines such as Times and The New York Times.

Enlightenment (A19)
Wisdom is an inventor and expert in Myanmar. His first short film, “I Want to Go to School,” highlighted the current social situation and earned him the Best Actor Award at the Human Rights Film Festival in 2015. The animated film The March 13 Award also won at the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival 2016 and has appeared in over 140 film festivals worldwide and has won 39 awards. His animation studio also won the Regional Award for Best Animated Program or Series (2D or 3D) for the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019. Animation Animation co-founded Pencell Animation Studio, a market-leading studio in 2017, and works as Production Director. His studio produces high quality animated series and distributes it locally and internationally.